The roadmap below displays important milestones and deadlines to mark the overall progress and outline the further direction of the project.

The roadmap is updated quarterly. Zetos team will keep track of all the market changes and consider the feedback from the community.

The Zetos Roadmap

Q4 2022

  • The ideas of Zetos is born

  • Mapping out ideas to define the Zetos Ecosystem

  • The StableCoin algorithmic smart contracts initiated

  • Partnership and strategy phase

Q1 2023

  • Website developments

  • Smart contracts auditing initiated

  • Begin Zetos business plans

  • Marketing initiated and team onboarding

  • Partnership announcements

  • Token distributions (Public)

Q2 2023

  • Open Zetos platform for community use

  • Zetos value accumulation

  • Zetos ambassadors program

  • Zetos Exchange listing

  • Partnership with payment gateways to accept Zetos currencies

  • Zetos products established and announced

  • Zetos board-rooms and shares re-establishments

Q3 2023

  • Zetos hub introduced

  • More team onboarding

  • More partnerships announcements

  • Zetos Roadmap updated

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