The board of directors allows holders of Zetos Share (ZES) shares to claim the excess Zetos Cash (ZEC) stipulated in the agreement regarding the excess Zetos Cash (ZEC). Zetos Share (ZES) holders can link their proportion to the board contract, and then they can obtain the proportion of Zetos Cash (ZEC) tokens allocated to the board of directors.

The boardroom:

  • Rebase if the price is greater than 1.05, the target of rebase = (N-1)*the current quantity of ZEC.

  • The price is lower than 0.95 to open ZEB, the price of ZEB=ZEC^2

  • After opening ZEB, rebase again, the rebase first meets the number of ZEB exchanges, and then proceeds to share dividends.

  • Share some teams will receive 5%

Board ZEC additional issuance:

On the sixth day after the mining of the ZEC mining pool, the additional issuance of ZEC will be carried out Additional conditions.

ZES is pledged as stock to the board of directors The price of ZEC rose by more than 9% the day before. 9% minting Every day at UTC 00:00, additional coins will be issued.

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