Zetos Cash Algorithm

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Zetos Cash uses an "algorithmic central bank" that manages the token supply according to predetermined logic. The algorithm is responsible for balancing the supply and fluctuating demand of stablecoins, ensuring that token prices remain relatively stable.
When the price of Zetos Cash (ZEC) is less than $1, it is necessary to reduce the circulation of Zetos Cash (ZEC) so that the price of Zetos Cash (ZEC) will naturally rise to 1 USD.
The price of Zetos Cash (ZEC) is less than 1 USD, and users can purchase bonds Zetos Bond (ZEB) by burning Zetos Cash (ZEC) to get Zetos Bond (ZEB).
Zetos Bond (ZEB) price = the square of the price of Zetos Cash (ZEC), because the price of Zetos Cash (ZEC) is less than 1, so the price of the squared Zetos Bond (ZEB) will be lower, and a Zetos Bond (ZEB) can be used in the future Exchange it back for one Zetos Cash (ZEC)
When the price of Zetos Cash (ZEC) exceeds 1 USD, it is necessary to increase the circulation of Zetos Cash (ZEC) so that the price of Zetos Cash (ZEC) will naturally drop to 1 USD.
The current threshold is that when Zetos Cash (ZEC) > 1.05, it can trigger The system issues additional Zetos Cash (ZEC), and the additional Zetos Cash (ZEC) will be issued to users who hold Zetos Band (ZEB) and Zetos Share (ZES) to pay off their debts first, so the users who hold Zetos Band (ZEB) will be given first.
It is to destroy Zetos Bond (ZEB) and get the remaining Zetos Cash (ZEC) from Zetos Cash (ZEC) to Zetos Share (ZES) holders. If there is no remaining, Zetos Share (ZES) holders will not be allocated Zetos Share (ZES) is equivalent to a shareholder, only the Zetos Share (ZES) locked into the boardroom contract can get this part of the income.

There are two important contracts here:

1. The Treasury

The vault exists to enable the redemption of Zetos Band (ZTB).
When the price of Zetos Cash (ZEC) is higher than 1 USDT, and the balance of Zetos Cash (ZEC) in the vault contract is positive. The vault will redeem Zetos Bond (ZEB) and return an equal amount of Zetos Cash (ZEC) to the user.
When the Zetos Cash (ZEC) price is below 1 USDT, the vault does not allow redemptions to avoid Zetos Bond (ZEB) holders cutting their losses prematurely and putting unnecessary downward pressure on the Zetos Cash (ZEC) price .
Since the price of Zetos Cash (ZEC) may experience significant volatility during its initial distribution phase (first 5 days), the vault plans to start after the initial distribution ends (starting from the 6th day of listing) to give enough time for the Zetos Cash (ZEC) market Stabilization, after which the protocol effectively utilizes stabilization mechanisms to prevent further price deviations.

2. Board meeting room

The board of directors allows holders of Zetos Share (ZES) shares to claim the excess Zetos Cash (ZEC) stipulated in the agreement (see Stability Mechanism for excess Zetos Cash (ZEC)). Zetos Share (ZES) holders can link their proportion to the board contract, and then they can obtain the proportion of Zetos Cash (ZEC) tokens allocated to the board of directors.