🧑‍🌾Farms Pool

Earn Zetos Tokens by Staking LP

The Initial Farming pool is (40% ) from the supply which is 40,000 ZES for 6 LP pool.

A total of 6 mining pools Liquidity providers allocate a total of 40,000 (ZES) tokens, and this part of the team retains 25% to prepare for the subsequent mining pool Token.

1) The pool of ZEC-LP Pool - 25% decay every month

A total of 40,000*45%= 18,000 ZES will be placed, and it will be dug out in one year.

3 pools, 25% attenuation every subsequent month.

  1. ZEC-USDT: 6000 ZES tokens output

  2. ZEC-BNB: 6000 ZES tokens output

  3. ZEC-BUSD: 6000 ZES tokens output

2) The pool of ZES-LP Pool - 25% decay every month

A total of 40,000*55%= 22,000 ZES will be placed which will be dug in one year.

3 pools, Released linearly, with a 25% decay every subsequent month.

  1. ZES-USDT: 7333.33 ZES tokens output

  2. ZES-BNB: 7333.33 ZES tokens output

  3. ZES-BUSD: 7333.33 ZES tokens output

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